Natasha Ruwona
The culture you show 
Unfamiliar to the one that I know 
The interest in the other 
Just like my dad, and my brothers 

A primitive state 
Hardly up for much debate 
Underdeveloped and raw 
As you stand in awe

Are we all just culture vultures?
Looking for otherness 
A harmless gaze 
That feeds the stereotypes of the other 
That feeds into people like me 
Who must survive 
Angry and tired
Within this world 

Are our culture so separate?
Or are you just desperate
To give into what you know 
An eagerness to show 
What you “borrow”

The cultures you project 
Have an adverse effect 
Obvious by the neglect 
I can so often correct 
Desperate to protect 

My exotic features 
Or my lack or intelligence 
Where are you from? 
No, where are you really from?

This interest in world cultures
Has turned us into vultures 
But do you we ever ask 
Where did you get that mask? 
Or is that too difficult a task 
So we finish last